Two guests dressed in all white lying on a vacation rental bed and happy to be in a clean and relaxing vacation rental in Decatur, IL.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips

The last thing you want is a bad review due to poor cleaning techniques if you own a vacation rental property. We know how hard it can be to tackle every inch of the property before the guests arrive; that’s why our Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. team in Decatur, IL is here to help. Not only do we offer professional commercial cleaning services to completely rid you of the responsibility of keeping your property in perfect condition, but we offer tips too for those that want to sharpen their cleaning skills. So keep reading below for the top cleaning tips we recommend to vacation rental owners, and contact us to set up a commercial cleaning service today!

Create A Cleaning Checklist

Whether you are a list maker or not, a cleaning checklist is one of the most important tips when trying to get your vacation rental in perfect condition for your next guests. Writing a checklist not only helps free your mind of all the chores needed to restore the space, but it lets you keep track of the time it will take to complete the chores and ensure that no area of the home is forgotten. For example, the last thing you want is a dishwasher full of dirty dishes because you forgot to press start. You can trust our cleaning experts at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Decatur, IL. Our cleaning checklists are made to reflect your needs!

Start With Spaces That Require Deep Cleaning

We know that it may be tempting to mark a bunch of small cleaning tasks off your list in a short amount of time, but our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Decatur, IL have found that starting with spaces that require deep cleaning is more effective in the long run. In addition, tackling the most used areas with excessive amounts of clutter often helps the process move along more quickly. So, the next time you decide to clean your vacation rental, try going straight for the kitchen or living room and see how fast your cleaning process improves!

Set a Timer

When you frequently have a list of chores to complete, it can feel like tackling everything on the list will take hours. One of the best cleaning tips we offer vacation rental owners when getting your property ready for guests is to set a timer for the time you want to clean. This helps you stay on track with how much time you spend in a single space and allows you to feel a small amount of pressure that keeps you focused and efficient. Our cleaning professionals at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Decatur, IL set time restrictions when cleaning vacation rentals to maximize the areas cleaned in a shorter period. For professional vacation rental cleaning services, give us a call!

Get Laundry Going First

Our team of professional maids recommends gathering all of your dirty laundries and putting a load in the washer before starting any cleaning tasks. There’s nothing more rewarding when restoring your rental property than having something cleaned while focusing on another area of the home. This allows you to get your work done much faster and leaves much less clutter lying around while organizing. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., our professional cleaning maids use the most efficient cleaning methods, like handling laundry first, to clean your vacation rental as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call us today at 217.819.1607 for reliable cleaning services in Decatur, IL.

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