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  • Central IL’s Trusted Residential Cleaning Company

    Has your home become a permanent residence for dust bunnies? If so, it’s time to call your local house cleaning professionals at Golden Rule for a thorough cleaning that will have your home sparkling again. In fact, at Golden Rule, we work with over 300 homes and businesses throughout Central Illinois, providing everything from carpet cleaning to power washing and more. We understand that life can get crazy and simply cleaning your home can get overlooked. We help you take care of important tasks that must get done, no matter how busy you are.

  • Your Home, Your Preferences, Your Cleaning Professional Every time!

    At Golden rule, we take your personal preferences to heart. We offer completely eco-friendly cleaning to protect you, your pets, or your children, as well as offering you the same cleaning professional every time. Your technician will learn how you like things arranged so when you come home, you can be at ease. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly service, and holiday cleaning to ensure we have customized packages to fit your needs. Call us today, download our app or schedule an appointment from above. 

  • House Cleaning Checklist

    When you call Golden Rule, trust that we’re not rushing through your home. We pride ourselves on thorough work, and we pay our staff by the hour to ensure they take as much time as they need to get the job done right. Additionally, trust that your home will be impeccably clean from floor to ceiling. Our checklist for house cleaning is as follows:

    Check Out Our Checklist

  • Living Areas & Stairs

    • All areas dusted (including couches & furniture)
    • Light, general straightening, and organization
    • Windowsills cleaned
    • Floor vacuumed/washed
    • Baseboards cleaned
    • All fans or light fixtures cleaned & polished
    furniture cleaning springfield illinois

  • Kitchen

    • Sink cleaned, scrubbed, & sanitized
    • Countertops & backsplash cleaned
    • Appliance exteriors cleaned (extra fee applies for interior cleaning)
    • Range top cleaned (extra fee applies for interior cleaning)
    • Fingerprints removed from door frames, light switch plates
    • Cabinet doors wiped off
    • Windowsills cleaned
    • Table & chairs cleaned
    • Trash emptied
    • Floor vacuumed/washed
    • Baseboards cleaned

  • Bathrooms

    • Vanities, sinks & backsplash cleaned, scrubbed, & sanitized
    • Showers and bathtubs cleaned, scrubbed, & sanitized
    • Toilets disinfected inside and out
    • Fixtures cleaned & shined
    • Mirror cleaned
    • Windowsills cleaned
    • Towels changed
    • Trash emptied
    • Floor vacuum/washed
    • Baseboards cleaned

  • Bedrooms

    • Bed made (only for the master bedroom)
    • Linens changed
    • All areas dusted/cobwebs removed
    • Mirrors cleaned
    • Vacuum under bed
    • Windowsills cleaned
    • Floor vacuumed/washed
    • Trash emptied
    • Baseboards cleaned

  • • Power Washing
    • Professional Painting
    • Window Cleaning
    • Professional Carpet Cleaning

    Please contact our staff with any questions you have about our services.

    Check out our move out checklist:

    Move Out Checklist

  • *Weekly, Bi-Weekly, & Monthly Service Available*