Professional cleaning woman wearing yellow gloves and an apron holding her hands on her hips while looking at a dirty condo that requires commercial cleaning services in Springfield, IL.

The Ultimate Summer Cleaning Checklist for Condos

When it comes to your condo or vacation rental property in Springfield, IL, Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. has the perfect summer checklist to ensure that everything from your bathrooms and outdoor space looks ideal before your guests arrive. Let us help you get a 5-star review on your next rental with our commercial cleaning services. Check out our ultimate summer cleaning checklist we use when cleaning condos!

Create a Designated “Summer Gear” Area

If you are looking for ways to stand out to guests looking to travel to Springfield, IL this summer, our commercial cleaning experts recommend including a “summer gear” space for guests in your condo. If your property’s location is anywhere near a local beach or has access to a community swimming pool, a place to put everything from wet shoes to pool floaties is the perfect addition to your condo. Our Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. team has years of experience providing specialized commercial cleaning and detailing services to condos and vacation rental properties. So what are you waiting for? Call us today, and we will transform your condo into the perfect getaway space this summer!

Freshen Up the Bedrooms

When it comes to summer relaxation, one of the best ways to end a fun-filled day is by enjoying a clean and comfortable bed. Unfortunately, if the beds in your condo are poorly made or have stains from previous guests, your reputation can suffer. Regarding our commercial condo clients, we have an extensive summer cleaning checklist that ensures the utmost cleanliness of your bedrooms. Our experienced maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL will start by removing dust, garbage, and dirty linens from your bedrooms, scrubbing everything from the walls and baseboard to cabinets and windows, and even flipping the mattress to ensure its longevity. So let our team freshen up your condo’s bedrooms today!

Scrub the Bathroom from Top to Bottom

One of the most important rooms in your summer condo is the bathroom. The last thing any renting customer wants is to find hair, pieces of toilet paper, or soap stains in the bathroom when trying to enjoy their vacation in Springfield, IL. Our commercial cleaning professionals at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. use a thorough checklist when cleaning your condo’s bathroom to ensure it is sparkling clean for your guests. Our maids will check the bottles of your soap dispensers to ensure they are complete, replace and restock the toilet paper, fold and put away any complimentary towels, and scrub the baseboards, walls, and inside of your shower every single time. Keep your condos clean this summer with our commercial cleaning services!

Power Wash the Patio Furniture

There’s nothing better than relaxing on comfortable patio furniture in the summer until you notice dirt and food stains covering the surface. Regarding your condo rental, it’s vital to ensure that every space in your residence is spotless, including outdoor areas. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., our professional condo cleaning experts in Springfield, IL use the best power washing tools and cleaning solutions to have your outdoor furniture looking brand new before your guests arrive. Keep your rental property clean this summer with commercial maid cleaning services from the best in Springfield when you call us at 217.819.1607.

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