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10 Ways to Quickly Declutter Your Home

At Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc., we know there is no better feeling than a clutter-free home. As your days become busy, it becomes easy for items in your Springfield, IL home to start gathering, which leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Below are ten practical ways to quickly declutter your home and get back to enjoying the space around you.

Clean In Categories

Implementing the category approach can be highly effective when planning to simplify your living space. Divide your belongings into four distinct categories: keep, discard, donate, and relocate. This approach allows efficient progress and prevents your space from becoming cluttered once more.

More Vs. Less

At times, we may find it challenging to muster the motivation to clean. However, you can proactively tackle cleaning tasks by embracing the “more versus less” mindset. By initially taking on more responsibilities, you subsequently reduce the amount that requires cleaning in the future.

Create A List

If you enjoy making lists, you’ll likely find this approach quite appealing. Generate a checklist outlining various areas within your home where you can initiate decluttering. As you progress, mark off each location you’ve addressed. Having a list to refer to can greatly help the decluttering process, making it more manageable.

Plan It

The presence of clutter in your home can easily become overwhelming. However, scheduling a dedicated decluttering day each month can alleviate this sense of overwhelm. By intentionally designating a specific day on your schedule for decluttering, you proactively prepare yourself for the task at hand. This allows you to approach decluttering with focus and readiness, making the process more manageable.

Start Small

It’s helpful to start with small steps when embarking on a decluttering journey. You may not have the time to declutter your entire home at once, but you can still begin the process by focusing on a small area. Remember, decluttering even a small spot in your home is more beneficial than not decluttering at all. It’s perfectly acceptable to spread the task over multiple days instead of attempting to accomplish everything in a single day.

Don’t Clean Alone

If family members are residing in your home, remember that you don’t have to tackle decluttering on your own. It’s always possible to involve and delegate tasks to your family members. By providing clear instructions and dividing the rooms among yourselves, you can collectively contribute to the decluttering process.

Clean In a Timely Manner

To make the decluttering process less stressful, consider utilizing the timer technique. Set a timer for a specific duration of your choosing, whether it’s five minutes or an hour. Work diligently and quickly to declutter as much as possible during this time. Setting a time limit allows you to focus your efforts and make notable progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Declutter Quickly

Decluttering becomes more effective when you avoid clinging to items and make decisions quickly. Once you’ve made a choice, move on without hesitation. When you donate certain items, ensure you follow through the same day and don’t let them linger in your vehicle. Promptly remove the donation items from your home to complete the decluttering process.

Digitize Your Clutter

Paper clutter can quickly pile up at home. You might currently have a stack of bills and important documents taking up space. A useful strategy for managing such documents is to digitize them. This approach proves beneficial in reducing physical paper clutter and provides a more organized way to handle and access important documents within your home.

Declutter Everyday

To manage clutter effectively in your home, incorporate daily decluttering into your routine. Set aside a brief period each day to address clutter gradually, ensuring an organized living space without overwhelming yourself. Additionally, to relieve the stress of dirt and dust accumulation, Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. is prepared to assist you by offering our cleaning services. Contact us by calling 217.819.1607 for professional cleaning solutions tailored to your needs.

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