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Keep Your Office Squeaky Clean with This Cleaning Checklist

Whether you’re working from home or in an office setting, have a clean and organized work environment is essential to having a stress-free workday. As a business owner, your staff and customers rely on you having a safe and healthy workspace to keep your business running smoothly. You’re in luck! Our staff at Golden Rule Cleaning & More Inc. are here to help! We offer personalized office cleaning services for companies in the Jacksonville, IL area. Avoid pests and unhappy staff with commercial cleaning services that cater to your business’s needs. In the meantime, check out these cleaning tips for keeping your office space squeaky clean when we’re not there!

Wipe Down Your Electronics

This is something that all of us forget to do, even though it is a really simple task. We don’t think of pressing buttons on a printer or typing on a keyboard as unhygienic, however, it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to spread germs and diseases. Think about all of the people that use your office’s electronics and how many of them take the time to wipe them down? Eliminate the possibility of messes and germs by grabbing a washcloth, paper towel, or disinfectant wipe and carefully wiping over your electronic surfaces.

Woman in a blue floral long sleeve shirt eating a leftover meal at her office desk and making a mess near work files and computer

Avoid Eating at Your Desk

We get it, sometimes you get hungry while sitting at your desk and decide to pull out a nice and healthy snack. While this may seem like a good idea at the moment, eating at your desk can create a mess that disrupts your entire workflow. While some companies require their employees to eat at their desks for lunch, many have a designated break room to avoid messes in the office. Take your snack to the break room to ensure that your workspace is always kept neat and sanitary!

Keep Your Desk Organized

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is by far the hardest to follow! Keeping your desk organized at all times is something that office staff dream of, but in fact, it’s much easier than you may think. Create separate piles and sections for paperwork, notepads, supplies, etc. to ensure a clean and organized workspace that will never leave you feeling overwhelmed. Maybe even try color coordination to hold yourself accountable to becoming an organized employee.

Set a Routine

Woman with long blonde hair in a white t-shirt and green apron cleaning an office space with two coworkers and a blue bucket with cleaning supplies

This is by far the most important way of making sure your office and desk space is kept clean and organize. Setting a routine for cleaning your workspace is something that staff members are encouraged to do on their account, but is mainly recommended to be put in place by business owners. Your commercial business’s reputation is everything to your customers. That’s why our cleaning professionals at Golden Rule Cleaning & More Inc. encourage all business owners to set a daily, weekly, and monthly task sheet for cleaning and organizing your workspace.

If you and your staff do not have time to complete a cleaning checklist, Golden Rule Cleaning & More Inc. is here every step of the way! We have our cleaning checklists to ensure your office is kept in perfect condition all year round. Contact us on our website or call (217) 819-1607 today to book an appointment.

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