Two cleaning professionals in blue overalls and yellow gloves cleaning office desks and computers with pink and green washcloths

How Your Business Can Benefit from A Commercial Cleaning Service

It is no secret that American adults spend the majority of their time at work. Whether it is for 6, 8, 10, or 12 hours a day, having a clean work environment is essential to the happiness and well-being of your employees and customers. If your business has been lacking in workplace hygiene and overall cleaning tasks, don’t worry, Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. has you covered. We offer top-of-the-line commercial cleaning services to every business imaginable.

Whether you own a restaurant, office building, school, daycare, or local book shop, our staff has years of training and experience in high-quality cleaning. What are you waiting for? Get your business back on track with cleaning services from Golden Rule Cleaning today! Keep reading below to see how your business can benefit from our commercial cleaning services.

Clean Environments Promote Productivity

It is just a fact – your employees are happier when working in a clean, organized, and dust-free environment. Not only does a clean space make it easier for everyone to breathe, but it allows for a much more productive environment that benefits everyone including you and your customers in the long run. Keep your business running smoothly with professional commercial cleaning services from our experienced staff at Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc.

Reduces Spread of Sickness, Meaning Fewer Sick Days

Professional cleaning crew cleaning a commercial office concrete flooring in white t-shirts and blue overalls

We have all learned our lesson the hard way this year about how quickly sicknesses can spread in an unsanitary work environment. Millions of individuals have been affected by COVID-19, many of them getting from the very workplace they thought was safe. While business owners cannot control bacteria and viruses being brought into the office unknowingly, they can do everything in their power to remove the bacteria that does come into their workplace with a commercial cleaning service from Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. Book an appointment today to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

Gives Your Business A Professional Appearance

Sometimes it is not always the services you provide that make up a successful business. Your company’s appearance has everything to do with how potential customers view your brand and how likely they will be to choose you over your competitors surrounding Springfield, IL. Our staff highly experienced in restore the appearance of somewhat untidy storefronts. Whether your restaurant or office needs a deep cleaning, or your family business requires lighter cleaning services, we have got you covered! Let us take care of your business’s appearance while you take care of what truly matters!

High-Quality Commercial Cleaning

Person in a white cleaning coat and yellow gloves mopping a commercial business’s break room floor

While keeping your office space clean and organized is a great way to improve your workspace and the flow of your business, nothing beats a commercial cleaning service from Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. We provide a variety of services depending on your cleaning package choice. If your property requires more than usual cleaning, you may be interested in our top-to-bottom deluxe package. For more general weekly cleaning, our basic package may be the perfect choice for you! Either way, we guarantee that our staff will exceed your highest expectations. Invest in a high-quality cleaning service today with Golden Rule, you’ll wish you would have done it sooner!

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