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How to Properly Clean & Disinfect Your Business’s Facility

Whether you own a local shop or a large corporation, running a business can be a daunting job with dozens of responsibilities that make it difficult to take care of everything at once. If you do not invest in a commercial cleaning service, how do you guarantee that your business in Decatur, IL upholds its image and cleaning standards? If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., we know firsthand how important it is to have your business looking its best for your employees and customers. For expert advice and additional information on how our commercial cleaning services can benefit you, call our office today! In the meantime, enjoy these tips on how to properly clean and disinfect your commercial property until we get there!

Start with Soap & Water

Regardless of the surface, you are trying to clean, using soap and water is still one of the most effective ways to eliminate germs and harmful bacteria from your workplace. Many individuals initially resort to highly chemical solutions before using soap and water, assuming they will kill bacteria at a faster rate. While many brands are beneficial to use in the workplace, many can be harmful if used in large amounts. Keep your commercial business clean by using soap and water to scrub highly used surfaces and objects including, tables, desks, light switches, countertops, and even electronics regularly.


Person in a white hazard suit and blue gloves disinfecting a panel of elevator buttons with chemicals and an orange rag

After you have used your soap and water solution, always go over the space with a disinfectant to eliminate any remaining germs that may be lingering on the surface. If you are going to use a commercial cleaning product, make sure to check the label to see if there is any bleach and if it is meant for disinfection. We also recommend using an alcohol disinfectant that is at least 70% to ensure property health and safety guidelines. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More in Decatur, IL, we supply the best disinfectant solutions to keep your business looking and feeling freshly cleaned.

Don’t Forget the Soft Surfaces

Think about the flow of your workplace in Decatur, IL, and the surfaces you interact with daily. Are there a lot of hard surfaces? Do you work in a mostly carpeted or soft-surfaced space? It’s easy to miss these soft surfaces, especially when many chemicals claim to only be effective on hard surfaces. Using soap and warm water, make sure to scrub any soft surfaces that may be stained or unsanitary. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. we offer professional soft surface cleaning both by hand and using modern carpet and drape cleaning technology to eliminate bacteria and restore your surfaces.

What to Wear When Cleaning

Commercial cleaning crew in dark blue overalls and yellow gloves cleaning and sanitizing office tabletops with a pink washcloth

This is something that many business owners forget to provide for themselves and their employees to conduct daily cleaning. When handling harsh chemicals or removing bacteria in general, always wear disposal gloves, gowns, and even a face mask to protect your skin from chemical fumes and potential spills. Every one of our qualified employees uses top-of-the-line protective gear when cleaning your business’s surfaces in Decatur, IL. For professional cleaning service, contact us today at (217) 819-1607 or book an appointment on our website! Don’t forget to check out our existing offers!

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