Female maid wearing a white t-shirt, black apron, yellow gloves, and hair wrap while cleaning residential home

Benefits to Hiring A Maid Service

On top of working and taking care of your family, we know how hard it can be to keep your home spotless seven days a week. Don’t take on the full-time job of being a maid too! If you’ve ever thought of hiring a maid service to take care of your household when things get too busy, look no further. Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. have years of experience in the hospitality and cleaning industry, providing Jacksonville, IL residents with quality and affordable services from highly trained staff in the area. Stop trying to juggle dozens of responsibilities at once, call Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. at (217) 819-1607 today and let us take care of the cleaning for you. Keep reading below to discover the top benefits of hiring a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maid service!

Maid Service Offers Convenience

This is one of the most obvious benefits of hiring a professional maid cleaning service – convenience. Not only do our professional maids offer a convenience like no other, but they also help in eliminating the stress that arises when surrounded by constant clutter and messes. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. we sit down with every one of our clients to discuss their personal needs when it comes to having a clean home or business. Whether you’re looking for a weekly general cleaning service, or a deluxe-cleaning once a month, we encourage you to tell us what you need so that we can make it happen.

Maids Are Well Trained & Experienced

Person in blue jeans and white shoes holding an orange bucket with cleaning supplies and a wooden mop

Not many individuals know just how much training and experience it requires to be a successful and professional maid. Our services do not just include the cleaning and organizing of a space. In fact, our staff go through an intricate process of getting to know your home, your needs, and matching them with their skill sets to form a cleaning service that leaves your home feeling brand new. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc., we provide every one of our maids with the proper tools and skills needed to complete every job with the goal of perfection.

Maid Service Gives You A Better Social Life

You may not think that hiring a maid service could benefit any other aspect of your life other than your sparkling home. However, not having to take on the cleaning responsibilities yourself leaves you with more time to connect with your family and friends. Less time cleaning means more time for a social life that may be lacking due to very little free time. Let us give you your life back with quality and affordable residential and commercial cleaning services from the pros at Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. in Jacksonville, IL.

Makes Everyone in Your Home Happier & Healthier

Woman in a light brown t-shirt and grey sweatpants relaxing in her freshly cleaned home from a maid service in Jacksonville, IL

The final benefit of hiring a maid service is one that you will see over weeks and months of our affordable reoccurring services. That is the happiness and health of your home of course! Having a constantly clean and cozy home allows for you and your family to spend your days focusing on what truly matters – each other! Whether you have young and sometimes messy children or a lack of time due to a career, leave it to Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. to make your home a happy and healthy place to come back to!

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