Two professional maids cleaning a residential living room with a Christmas tree just in time for the holidays in Springfield, IL.

Cleaning Services During the Holidays & Why It Is A Must for Your Home

There’s no doubt that with the holidays comes joy, excitement, and a carving for quality time with family, however, it can also be extremely stressful for homeowners that work full-time jobs, take care of kids and pets, and still need to find time to keep a clean home. If you’re planning on celebrating the holidays at your home, don’t spend hours deep cleaning, hire one of our professional maids to do the cleaning for you. We know what you’re thinking, maids are for millionaires with mansions – we’re here to tell you that is far from the truth! Residential home cleaning services are more affordable now than ever, and at Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc., we keep our prices affordable and our service expectations high. Keep reading below for reasons why you need to hire a cleaning service for your home in Springfield, IL this holiday season.

Decoration Prepping

Is it a tradition to have your home decorated for the holidays? While our cleaning professionals won’t be hanging your stockings or setting up your Christmas tree, we can make it exceptionally easier for you to decorate by finding your stored away boxes of ornaments, lights, and other holiday décor and properly dust, clean, and organize them for when you are ready to tackle the job! Don’t skip out on the fun of decorating this holiday season because you do not have the time, let our experienced cleaners get the task started for you. Call Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. in Springfield, IL to get a FREE estimate on your seasonal cleaning service!

Pristine Cooking Space

Cleaning woman in a white t-shirt, green overalls, and orange gloves holding a pink washrag and wiping down the cabinets of a residential kitchen for the holidays in Springfield, IL.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, especially around the holidays! Whether you’re looking to bake cookies for friends and family or are needing a pristine cooking space to create a Thanksgiving dinner, our girls at Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. in Springfield, IL have the training and expertise to get your kitchen looking and feeling brand new. Our housekeepers specialize in everything from cleaning the inside of your fridge and pantry to performing specialty services like food preparation! Whatever needs to be done, we’ve got you covered. Get ahold of our staff today and we will walk you through our holiday cleaning services and prices.

Guest Room Preparation

The holidays are always the perfect time to have family over, that is if your home is ready for it. Throughout the year, if you’re anything like many of our hardworking clients, guest rooms become the perfect storage area before the holidays, however, not great for when friends and in-laws want to stay. Our company specializes in a variety of cleaning services including guest room preparation. We will clean everything from the sheets and hard surfaces, to underneath the bed and closet to get your guest room looking like an oasis. For guest room preparation services, call us today at (217) 819-1607!

Getting the Table Ready

Clean and organized holiday table setting with gold silverware and candle centerpieces by a professional home cleaning crew in Springfield, IL.

The kitchen table is more than just a place where you eat, it is a symbol of family and the perfect spot to make memories that you and your guests will reminisce on for years to come. If you’re hosting a holiday party, call Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. in Springfield, IL. Our team of experienced housekeepers is here to help you create the perfect kitchen table set up for your special holiday meal. We will carefully go through your cupboards and handwash each dish until it shines. If you have any tablecloths, silverware, or décor that needs to be placed, our cleaners are here to assist in any way possible. For quality holiday cleaning services, call us today!

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