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Boost Your Productivity at Work with These 4 Quick Cleaning Tips

One of the most challenging parts of working in an office, school, or often cluttered setting, is having to find sense in the mess around you. It is no surprise that studies have found that individuals working in a cluttered and dirty space have higher levels of unproductivity than those working in a cleaned and organized space. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, check out these top cleaning tips for keeping your workstation clean and organized to help boost your work life and productivity. Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. in St. Charles and Earth City, MO offer quality and professional commercial cleaning services to businesses in the area.

Keep Your Most Frequented Areas Tidy

This may seem both obvious and impossible depending on your workspace, however, it is important to take a small amount of time each day to keep your most frequented areas clean and tidy. No matter how much you despise cleaning, nobody wants to start their workday off with having to constantly push a pile of chaos aside just to access their keyboard or workstation. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. we recommend separating your clutter into distinct piles with a clear destination to keep your workspace tidy all day long.

Person with blue gloves sanitizing office technology and electronics on a brown wooden deskWipe Down Machinery & Electronics

If you work in an office, school, or digital setting, wiping down your electronics and machinery eliminates harmful bacteria from spreading to you and others in your workplace. In a shared work environment, there are many objects including printers, staplers, computers, tools, phones, and more that you come in contact with daily. Ensure your productivity and health by wiping down these objects at least once a day or before every use.

Keep Break Room Clean & Sanitized

While it is not your responsibility to clean and sanitize the entire break room every day you go into work, you can do your part by wiping down the areas you plan on using, including the microwave and refrigerator handles, to ensure you are doing your part to keep the office as clean and sanitary as possible. Staff members that pick up after themselves tend to have a more productive and fulfilling day than those who do not.

Cleaning company in dark blue uniform and green gloves vacuuming and wiping down commercial office buildingHire A Professional

At the end of the day, productivity in the workplace should always be your top focus and concern. If you feel that you and your employees do not have the much-needed time to create a clean, sanitized, and organized workplace, consider hiring a professional to do the job for you! At Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. we offer quality commercial cleaning services to businesses throughout St. Charles and Earth City, MO. We will clean everything from the tops of your surfaces to every inch of your offices and break rooms. Call us today at (314) 375-4688 or contact us through our website to schedule a one-time, weekly, or monthly service from the best in the business!

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