Professional cleaning company in a blue apron and yellow gloves cleaning a commercial business office

Questions to Ask A Commercial Cleaning Company Before Hiring Them

Whether you’re looking to hire a professional cleaning service for your office building or your home, it is always important to have a few key questions ready to ensure they are the right people for the job. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. we have years of experience providing cleaning services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Decatur and Forsyth, IL area. We can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with all of our services. If you’re ready to hire a professional cleaning company, keep reading below to make sure you ask the following questions.

How Much Experience Do You Have & How Many Clients Do You Serve?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a professional cleaning company. It’s important to know how much experience the company and individual cleaning staff have; one way to tell is by how many clients they serve either locally or countrywide. A company with less experience doesn’t always mean they are not a good choice or fit for your particular job, this just gives you an idea of who will be working for you. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. we serve over 300+ clients in the Decatur, IL area with over 15 employees that are highly trained and experienced in every possible environment.

Two men wearing black aprons and gloves while cleaning and disinfecting tables at a commercial restaurantDo Your Employees Have Background Checks & Certifications?

Knowing that the workers cleaning your home or business have been given a background check is not only reassuring but proves that your cleaning company cares about the safety and professionalism of their employees and business. Every one of our new employees at Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. undergoes a background check and employment history review to ensure that we hire the best and most experienced individuals for our clients in Decatur and Forsyth, IL.

What If I Experience A Problem with An Employee or Service?

This may feel like an embarrassing question to ask, but it is important to know every procedure set in place by your cleaning company to expect even the unexpected. While a majority of cleaning companies pride themselves on providing quality services, sometimes problems can occur. Whether you have an issue with an employee or the completion of a service, Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. is always here to make sure that every one of your needs is met. If you have an issue with any of our cleaning services, please do not hesitate to call us at (217) 819-1607, and we will do everything we can to make the situation right.

Three women in blue uniforms and yellow gloves giving a thumbs up at their commercial cleaning jobWhat Are Your Rates?

This may be the first question you would like to ask a cleaning company you’re looking to hire, and while money is an obviously important factor in your decision, it is not always the most important to ask right away. You want to make sure that you know everything about the company you are thinking of investing in first so that you can determine on your own how much you feel those services are worth. It may seem like a better deal to pay more for a company with 10 years of experience than less rates with a company that is just getting started. Evaluate your options and choose Golden Rule Cleaning and More, Inc. We have the best prices with years of experience to ensure the best cleaning experience. Contact us today if you’re ready to choose our cleaning service for your residential or commercial property.

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