Person in a white shirt with gloves wiping down a wooden table with disinfectant to prevent COVID-19

Keeping Your Home Clean & Disinfected During COVID-19

It has now been over 10 months since COVID-19 first began spreading in the United States, and since then keeping your residential home properly cleaned and sanitized has never been more important for families in St. Charles and Earth City, MO. While being conscious of your hygiene is great, there are a few key recommendations from the CDC that ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home. Keep reading below to discover the top tips for keeping your home COVID-19 free while maintaining your family’s health and safety.

Three cleaning experts wearing yellow gloves and green overalls while cleaning and disinfecting a homeWear Gloves & A Mask While Cleaning

This may seem silly but wearing gloves and a mask while cleaning your residential home’s surfaces is the number one way to ensure that harmful bacteria is not spreading to your cleaning supplies and other areas of your home while trying to disinfect. Not only this, but it also helps avoid breathing in fumes from store-bought chemicals that are sometimes extremely potent. You can use disposable gloves from your local grocery store or reusable rubber gloves as long as you wash them after your chores are complete.

Keep Surfaces Clean & Disinfected

You’re probably thinking “DUH! Why wouldn’t I keep my surfaces clean?”, and you’re absolutely right! However, there may be surfaces that you interact with every day that you may forget to sanitize. At Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. we keep a checklist of commonly touches surfaces including doorknobs, refrigerator handles, windowsills, cabinets, and even electronics that are used yet rarely cleaned often. Just remember to keep all of your surfaces cleaned and disinfected as much as possible to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Use the Right Supplies

This is one of the most important tips to remember while cleaning your home during COVID-19. There are many great cleaning solutions out there, and there are not so great ones. So how do you tell the difference? Well, according to the CDC, soap, and water, alcohol-based sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide are the top solutions that have been proven to eliminate COVID-19 from surfaces in your home. Remember, do not use the same dirty rag for multiple areas of your residential home, use disposable paper towels, or thoroughly rinse and wash off your rag when traveling to a new room in your home.

Woman in a red shirt and jeans putting a load of dirty laundry into a modern washing machineKeep Your Clothes Clean

While a majority of individuals wash their clothes on a fairly regular basis, it is more important now than ever to make sure that you do not let dirty clothes overflow in your hamper. Dirty clothes carry bacteria particles that can spread to other areas of your home through the air if you let them sit there for long enough. While you’re disinfecting your surfaces, throw in a load of laundry to ensure a completely clean and sanitized home!

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