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The Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

Whether you work full-time while being a parent or are away from home for extended periods, Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. is here to change how you think about cleaning. No longer are the days when homeowners, parents, and full-time employees could juggle everything on time to keep a well-kept house, and that’s where we come in. Our green cleaning services are available for residential and commercial clients that would rather spend their time doing what they love most. If this is you, keep reading below for the top benefits of hiring a green cleaning service in Decatur, IL.

Quality & Safe Products

We have built our maid cleaning business on the foundations of trust and consistent results with our clients in the Decatur, IL area, so it is no surprise that we take the quality of our products seriously. Anyone can be a great cleaner, but your hard and soft surfaces are in jeopardy without the proper products. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., every one of our cleaning products and equipment is inspected and tested before we arrive at your residential or commercial location to ensure that we have the materials needed to complete your service of the highest quality. In addition, our green cleaning products are non-corrosive and hospital-grade approved to benefit your surfaces and keep your home clean longer.

Increases the Air Quality in Your Home

Using eco-friendly chemicals to clean your homes and businesses enhances the look and feel of your space and has been proven to increase the quality of your air significantly. Our team specializes in removing harmful toxins and allergens that cause common allergies and colds. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., our trained and experienced cleaners know which spots tend to collect the most dust and bacteria and spend additional time on these areas so that you don’t have to. So give us a call for regularly scheduled cleanings in Decatur, IL.

Saves You Money Over Time

Investing in green cleaning services for your residential or commercial property may seem unnecessary; however, many home and business owners are finding various benefits in having skilled cleaners take care of their most-used spaces. When you book regularly scheduled cleaning services with Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Decatur, IL, we are highly cautious of the chemicals we use in your home. Many homeowners end up using harsh chemicals on their surfaces that create expensive damages over time; with Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc.’s cleaning services, you can expect to save money on future damages.

Beneficial for the Environment

One of the significant benefits of choosing green cleaning services for your home or business in Decatur, IL is the benefits it has on the environment. Many of the cleaning products you can pick up in your local grocery store contain high levels of toxic chemicals that can harm your surfaces and create unsafe toxins on your surfaces that are sensitive to your skin. All of our professionally trained maids use green cleaning solutions to keep harsh chemicals out of your home environments and free of any bacteria. Contact us today by calling 217.819.1607 to schedule an appointment for a first-time general cleaning service with Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc.

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