A digitized image of a cleaning person getting rid of harmful bacteria such as COVID-19with expert cleaning products in Springfield, IL.

Why Our Cleaning Products Are Great for Preventing COVID-19

During this unpredictable time, there is no such thing as keeping your home too clean. If you can’t keep up with your daily workload and house chores, our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL have years of experience and quality products to keep your home free of the COVID-19 virus and other harmful bacteria. To learn more about why our cleaning products are perfect for preventing COVID-19, keep reading below and book your first cleaning service with our team today!

Kills the Virus Without Using Harsh Chemicals

While some store-bought chemicals are made with good intentions to safely clean your home, some are marketed to look beneficial but don’t actually get rid of the bacteria you’re trying to eliminate. Our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL have extensive training when it comes to handling powerful cleaning products and using them on your most-used surfaces. Our eco-friendly products have been tested and are proven to kill the COVID-19 virus and other bacteria in your home without the repercussions of using harsh chemicals.

Protects Your Surfaces

A professional cleaning maid in a residential home in Springfield, IL wiping down a kitchen counter with eco-friendly cleaning products to help prevent the spread of COVID-19..

The last thing you want from a cleaning product is for the harsh chemicals to tear right through your hard surfaces. Many cleaners on the market today that you can find in your local grocery store recommend the use of protective gloves, masks, and even eyewear to protect from the fumes – what do you think those fumes are doing to your surfaces? Our cleaning products at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. are tested and proven to be completely safe for your home and surfaces. Contact us today for a quality cleaning service for your Springfield, IL home!

Safe When in Contact with Skin

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a cleaning product for your home is safe. Whether you have children or animals, the last thing you want is for them to get into a cleaning product that is harmful to the skin. Our cleaning products at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL are skin-safe, creating an atmosphere for you and your family to feel clean and protected. We offer general and deluxe cleaning services depending on your needs so reach out to us today to schedule your first or reoccurring cleaning service.

Long-Term Cleaning Solution

A professional cleaner wiping down a stove with quality cleaning products in Springfield, IL.

Cleaning products are not beneficial if they are not keeping your surfaces free of bacteria. Many store-bought products are temporarily effective, leaving your surfaces at risk an hour or so after use. To prevent COVID-19 bacteria from entering your home and becoming harmful to your family, invest in our expert maid cleaning services at Golden Rule Cleaning. We have been serving the Springfield, IL area to keep their homes free of COVID-19, call today at (217) 819-1607.

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