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How to Disinfect the Dirtiest Items in Your Kitchen

It’s no secret that a kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in your home. With constant exposure to foods, garbage, and bacteria-filled water, it’s hard to keep your kitchen disinfected daily while working a full-time job and taking care of your family. Thankfully, the expert cleaning ladies at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. are here to give you some easy tips on how to keep your kitchen clean. If you’re sick of cleaning altogether, we offer residential home cleaning services to residents in the Springfield, IL area that is not only affordable but provide you with a stress-free environment that improves your quality of life. Give us a call today and keep reading to learn additional tips on how to disinfect the dirtiest items in your kitchen.

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The shelves and drawers of your refrigerator often become contaminated with bacteria due to forgotten leftovers, spilled sauce, or opened jars, leaving your kitchen feeling dirty. Thankfully, we know just the tip to keep your fridge from becoming one of the dirtiest items in your home. Start by clearing out all of the food and condiments from your refrigerator, then use a warm washcloth and soap to scrub the surface until it is clear.

Many homeowners in Springfield, IL forget that you can use disinfectant wipes in their fridge without contaminating any food, so don’t forget to wipe it as soon as the water and soap solution is dried. Tired of cleaning? Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. are here to offer professional cleaning services to residential homeowners in the Central IL area. Call today for information on services and pricing!


Let’s face it, your kitchen countertops are one of the most used surfaces in your home in Springfield, IL. It’s where you and your family cook and prepare meals, where children do homework, and where the cat likes to sleep when you’re not looking. It’s important to keep your countertop disinfected as often as possible to avoid harmful bacteria from entering your system. Start by using warm water, soap, and a washcloth to clean the surface of any debris and stains, then use a disinfectant wipe to seal the surface. Our trained cleaning professionals know exactly how to keep countertops clean with our quality products, call for residential services today.

White coffee maker with dirty coffee pot needing to be professionally cleaned by a maid in Springfield, IL.

Coffee Makers

Coffee pots are arguably one of the dirtiest items currently in your kitchen. While it may seem easier to run pot after pot of coffee through the same pot without proper cleaning, your coffee maker can become infested with bacteria if not cleaned regularly. To disinfect your coffee marker, fill the reservoir with equal parts of white vinegar and water and let it brew like normal. Once the pot is full of the water/vinegar mixture, let it sit for 30 minutes and use a sponge to clean the inside of the pot and around the machine.

If you’re looking for a quality cleaning service to clean, organize, and disinfect your home, call Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL at (217) 819-1607.

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