A professional maid in a tan apron using a map and bucket to clean the floors of a living room in Springfield, IL.

Our Residential Cleaning Processes for Your Home

Whether you have a house full of animals or children that are constantly making a mess, cleaning is a daily chore that many homeowners dwell on after a busy day at work. While it may seem impossible to avoid these chores – our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. are helping homeowners throughout the Springfield, IL area take back their lives with our residential cleaning services. Keep reading to learn more about our cleaning packages and which ones can benefit your home.

Most Frequented Surfaces

One of the most common spaces to acquire bacteria is your home’s hard and soft surfaces. Countertops, cabinets, door handles, and even your tables are the most used and most likely spaces to collect bacteria. Our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL tackle your most frequented surfaces to ensure they are sanitized and grime-free for when you need them most. We use quality, eco-friendly products to eliminate even the toughest of food and grime stains.

A maid in a blue uniform and pink gloves using a cleaning spray to wipe down a bathroom sink in a residential home in Springfield, IL.


Your bathroom is meant to be the space where you feel the cleanest and relaxed after a long day, but it’s impossible to feel any sense of relief with piles of dirty clothes, dusty cabinets, and beauty products spread around the countertop and sink. Don’t settle for any less than perfect when it comes to the cleanliness of your bathroom, call our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL. We customize a cleaning schedule to your needs so that your bathroom is now your favorite room in the home.


Make your bedroom an oasis with residential cleaning services from our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL. We tackle everything from your bedsheets and pillowcases to your dresser drawers and floors. The last thing any homeowner wants is to come home to a messy bedroom and dirty sheets, with our weekly maid services, we make sure that your bedrooms are spotless before leaving your residence. Do you have a specific area in your room that needs to be cleaned? We customize our cleaning services to your needs!

A young maid in a white shirt and pink gloves using a eco-friendly cleaning solution on a kitchen countertop in Springfield, IL.

Kitchen & Living Areas

It’s no secret that the kitchen and living room are the most used spaces in your home. Keeping a clean space for your family not only boosts productivity in other areas of your life, but it creates a positive environment for guests and relaxing after a long day at work. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL, we focus on our client’s kitchen and living spaces the most to ensure that their home is in pristine condition and ready for all that life throws their way. Give our experts a call today at (217) 819-1607.

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