Two professional cleaning staff members working for a commercial cleaning company in the Springfield, IL area. Both cleaning experts are wearing blue uniforms and yellow gloves.

Why Your Commercial Cleaning Company’s Culture Matters 

As a business owner in the Springfield, IL area, choosing a commercial cleaning company is an important decision that will directly impact your staff and workflow. If a cleaning crew has a hard time working in a close environment with one another, forgets to clean essential areas of your business, or lacks passion for the job, it will show in their work. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., you never have to worry about our cleaning professionals leaving your space looking anything but perfect. We guarantee this because we promote a positive, supportive, and inclusive work culture essential when choosing a cleaning company for your commercial business. But what exactly is a company’s culture, and why does this matter? Keep reading below to learn more!

What is a Company’s Culture & Why Does it Matter?

So what exactly is a company’s culture? Culture is management and employees’ core values, beliefs, and behaviors, creating a unique work environment that defines a company or organization. In other words, culture is essential to develop and execute, making it a sought-after trait every business needs when looking for a cleaning service. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., we take company culture very seriously and ensure that every one of our maids is not only trained and has prior experience but is well taken care of with competitive pay and benefits. You can trust us to pass our positive work culture to your Springfield, IL business. So get your first commercial cleaning today!

Actions Speak Louder than Words.

We get it; creating a positive and exciting work environment can be difficult. While there are, unfortunately, more cleaning companies out there that have a bad work culture, there are many good ones, too, like Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc.! We can prove that our staff participates in positive work culture because our actions speak louder than words. Our maids are highly trained and experienced in various cleaning services and are passionate about producing quality work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not only will our weekly, monthly, or one-time cleaning service restore the image of your workplace, but it will also give your employees a tidy and organized space to get work done without worrying about frequent messes. Interested in seeing our work for yourself? Call us at 217.819.1607, and get a free estimate and discount on your first commercial cleaning service in Springfield, IL.

Positive Work Culture = Quality Service

All in all, a positive work culture always equals quality service. But how exactly does a cleaning company ensure that the work environment they are creating is positive? At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., we believe it all starts with our staff. If our team is unhappy, it will begin to show in their work, so we make sure to provide every one of our staff members with proper training, competitive pay, benefits, and a compassionate managing team to ensure stability in every job we do. Just as we value our employees, our employees will appreciate the work they are producing, which will, in turn, benefit your Springfield, IL business. The best way we have found to keep our positive culture consistent and professional is through accountability for both our employees and the work they are producing. So get ahold of us today for your first or continuing commercial cleaning service!

How Can You Assess A Potential Cleaning Company’s Culture?

Now that you know all about culture and have probably thought about your own company’s culture, how can you get a reasonable estimate of a cleaning company’s culture before hiring them? When reaching out to commercial cleaning companies, ask them about their current work practices, how they support their staff, what training is involved in their hiring process, employee incentive programs, and their requirements for future applicants. The answers to these questions will give you an immediate idea of the company’s culture. At Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., we are ready to work with local businesses in the Springfield, IL area to get their business looking and feeling their absolute best. Contact us today for a free estimate and discount on your first cleaning service!

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