A team of three residential cleaning maids in Springfield, IL that is sweeping, dusting, and wiping down the surfaces of a home.

Which One of Our Cleaning Packages Are Right for Your Home?

If you have been dreaming of requesting a maid for your home, our experts at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL, have various cleaning services to choose from. We offer cleaning packages to residential clients based on their needs – from a basic everyday cleaning to a top-to-bottom scrub; you can count on our maids to keep your home looking and feeling clutter-free and clean every day! Keep reading below to learn more about our cleaning packages.

Basic Cleaning Package

Our basic cleaning package is just as it sounds – a quick cleaning of your home to remove any surface grime, clutter, and obvious crumbs, trash, and dirt. However, if you want to try a milder cleaning routine and service from our maids, then the basic cleaning package is the perfect choice for your home. Our maids will not focus on detailed work like our general and top-to-bottom deluxe packages but will instead conduct a cleaning service that relieves your daily stressors like dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc. Interested in our basic cleaning package? Call Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL today!

General Cleaning Package

A professional maid cleaning a faucet in a residential bathroom in Springfield, IL included in a general cleaning package.

Our general cleaning package is designed for homeowners interested in trying a more long-term cleaning solution, usually at a bi-weekly or monthly service. This traditional maid service tackles everything from the kitchen and bathrooms to bedrooms and shared living spaces. Our cleaning experts will ensure that every surface is left spotless and clutter is managed and organized so you can enjoy your home without worrying about weeks of clutter piling up. Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. is the number one maid service in Springfield, IL, and the surrounding areas. So get in touch without the team today and start focusing on what truly matters while we care for your home.

Top-to-Bottom Deluxe

Our top-to-bottom deluxe package is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to eliminate every speck of dust, dirt, and clutter that seems to be overtaking their homes. From the farthest corners of your kitchen to the windowsills and baseboards of your bathroom, our maids tackle everything on our detailed cleaning checklist in our top-to-bottom cleaning package. So whether you are a one-time client for a special occasion or need a move-out or move-in cleaning service, you can count on our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc. in Springfield, IL to get the job done right. So invest in our top-to-bottom deluxe cleaning service today to restore the look and feel of your home.

Contact Us for Professional Maid Cleaning Services

A professional maid in a light pink t-shirt with yellow gloves smiling while cleaning the kitchen of a home in Springfield, IL.

Our team of cleaning experts in Springfield, IL is here to keep your home clean so that you can focus on what truly matters. With years of experience and extensive training given to our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning and More Inc., we know we have a cleaning package to fit your needs. If you have more specific cleaning services you would like us to tackle; we adjust our cleaning checklist to your needs! Reach out to our maids when you call 217.819.1607 and schedule your first basic, general, or top-to-bottom deluxe cleaning service.

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