How Will Hiring a Maid Service Benefit My Springfield Illinois Area Property?

Is It Worth Hiring a Maid Service for My Springfield Illinois Area Property?

maid service tools springfield illinoisChoosing a maid service can have many benefits. You’ll have more free time, and you know that you can count on expert home cleaning services to get into every nook and cranny of your home. But if you’re on a budget, you may think it makes more sense to clean your Springfield, Illinois, home. Does it? It depends on how much your time is worth to you. But having a maid may be more accessible than you think. Let’s look at the numbers.

What Does a Maid Cost?

Maid services usually cost around $25 to $35 per hour. Some services charge by the square footage of the home, while others charge by the list of tasks that homeowners request. Vacuuming, for instance, is generally part of home cleaning service but not every homeowner wants the same thing. Still, you can probably estimate an average of $100 to $225 for maid visits.

The frequency that you get service matters, too. Weekly service may be less, as your home may not get as dirty. However, if you don’t have pets or small children, you may be able to get away with as little as bi-monthly visits.

What Is Your Time Worth to You?

Only you can determine whether it makes more sense to use your evenings and weekends for cleaning our house. If you’re busy, with work and family obligations, you simply may not have the time, and professional maid service may be worth the expense to take house cleaning of your mind.

maid service springfield illinoisIs Maid Service In Your Budget?

If you have considerable debt, even that $100 or $200 per month may be better served paying of high-interest loans or credit cards. While cleaning may be distasteful, managing your money and paying off debt is important, too. Especially for those families where one partner stays home or just works part-time, it may not be worth the added line item to your household budget.

Do You Want A Cleaner Home?

Professional cleaning service certainly makes a difference, and the team at Golden Rule Cleaning understands this. Our fast, efficient maid service is designed to make sure that you have limited scheduling interruptions and a lovely, sparkling clean home that’s ready to entertain visitors at the drop of a hat. When you’re ready to get started, come discover the difference that speedy, certified, and bonded teams can make to your enjoyment of your home.

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