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  • Cleaning tips to make moving less stressful in Decatur, IL

    June 3, 2019 | Blog
  • Make your move much easier with these home cleaning tips!

    cleaning before a move

    Congratulations, you’re moving! It’s so exciting to make a change and to think about how you’ll decorate your new space. You also need to think about cleaning up your old space before you leave it, and cleaning the new space so it’s bright and shiny when you move in.

    Let’s be real, how often are you really going to clean that corner of the room once all your furniture is in there? Now is the time to do it when all your rooms are empty and hard to reach spaces are accessible. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a maid service to do it for you, you’ll need to be house cleaning savvy before you move.

    Check out these easy house cleaning tips to make your move less stressful.

    Timing – WHEN you clean is the first step to consider before you actually clean. When cleaning your old home wait until you’ve packed up most items and rolled up rugs. This makes it easy to wipe down window sills, the insides of cabinets and drawers, and mop up. After you’ve moved out, consider hiring a carpet cleaning service or maid service to do the final deep clean. Same goes for your new space. Before you move in either vacuum and clean yourself or hire a service to do it for you, as it’s much easier to clean those hard to reach corners when there is no furniture in the way!

    When empty, wipe down the inside of drawers, cabinets, closets, your refrigerator and all appliances. These hidden spaces are just as important as the larger items you can easily see.

    Work from the top down. Dust the ceiling first, any fans or light fixtures, and wipe off the tops of window frames, working your way down the window frames to the floor. Any dust or dirt you wipe away will fall down, so it makes sense to start at the top. When you’re done, vacuum up everything you just wiped onto the floor.

    bathroom cleaning

    Clean the bathroom(s) – disinfect and scrub the bathtub, toilet and sink, wipe down the faucet too and mop the floor.

    Wash the windows – including any blinds or window treatments, and any other mirrored surfaces i.e. refrigerator, mirrors, etc.

    In your new home, clean the rooms you’ll need to use right away first: your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. That way those rooms are ready for the furniture and you can start putting them together immediately so you can live in them while you unpack the rest of the house.

    Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a cleaning service to do it for you, following these easy tips will make for a less stressful move in Decatur, IL.