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  • Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Home in Forsyth, IL

    March 4, 2019 | Blog
  • Get your spring cleaning on track with a detailed checklist!

    spring cleaning supplies in Forsyth IL

    Just as the village of Forsyth, IL holds its yearly spring Clean Up Days, you begin to think it might be time for a little spring cleaning of your own. But seasonal cleaning is tedious and hard. It can take many hours to thoroughly clean all the cracks and crevices that have sat untouched for the past five months. In addition, it is easy to miss crucial areas of your home, negating much of the work that you’ve done already.

    To ensure that you reach your spring cleaning goals, it is important to keep a checklist that you can refer to as you’re cleaning. Once you have worked through the list of tasks, you should have a clean, disinfected home that is ready for a summer of visitors.

    Making your Spring Cleaning Checklist

    spring cleaning checklist in Forsyth IL

    When you’re ready to make your cleaning checklist, walk around your Fortsyth, IL home and note areas that you’d like to improve or upgrade. The top three areas that should dominate your checklist include the bathroom, kitchen and storage area.

    Bathroom: Even when you clean the toilet you don’t get all the germs. It is important to clean and disinfect the outside of the toilet, including the base. You should also wipe the walls, showers and vanity down with bleach or antibacterial cleanser.

    Kitchen: It is impossible to keep the kitchen 100% clean. During spring cleaning, focus on wiping down the fridge and oven, moving and sweeping underneath the appliances, and disinfecting the sink. Clean out the fridge and wipe down/organize the pantry and cabinet interiors.

    Storage Area: This might be your garage or a closet in the bedroom where things keep accumulating. Go through the items and donate or sell those you haven’t found a use for. Excess clutter can lead to anxiety and a sense of being overwhelmed.

    If you have a large home or work a full-time job, it can be difficult to commit to cleaning and organizing your entire house. In this case you may want to consider bringing in some outside help. You can invite friends over for a spring cleaning party (offering plenty of food and fun as incentive!) or call on a professional maid service to come out and clean instead. A professional house cleaning company like Golden Rule Cleaning can help you cross those cleaning tasks off your list so you can enjoy more time with your friends and family.