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  • 5 Tips to Keep your Home Clean Through the Holidays in Chatham, IL

    December 3, 2018 | Blog
  • Stay clean and organized during the holiday craziness!

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    The holidays bring joy and togetherness to families in Chatham, IL. Unfortunately, they also tend to bring clutter, dirt and general chaos as visitors come and go. If you can stay on top of the mess, you might have a chance to get through the coming weeks without losing your home to the season. Here are a few tips to keeping your home clean throughout the holidays.

    Clean as you cook.

    It is easy when you’re cooking a large meal to accumulate dirty pots, pans and dishes. By washing dishes and wiping down counters during the cooking process, you keep the kitchen clean and organized for baking those special desserts.

    Keep pine needles swept up.

    If you have a fresh tree for Christmas, you can’t avoid pine needles. They drop from the tree even as you water it daily, and they get carried around the house. Sweep or vacuum every evening and keep them from being transported to other rooms.

    Recruit help – or hire a professional!

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    You’re not the only one who makes a mess in your home, so you shouldn’t be the only one cleaning. Bring your kids and spouse into the game, designating chores if you need to. In particular, you’ll want to keep the kitchen, living room and bathroom clean and organized, since these are the areas guests regularly travel.

    Let’s be honest, the holidays can get pretty hectic. Sometimes you don’t have time to run the vacuum across the room, much less keep the entire house clean. A professional house cleaning service like Golden Rule Cleaning will come in once or twice a week and clean your home, leaving you to focus on the “fun” part of the holidays: cooking, entertaining and spending time with family.

    De-clutter your home before the holidays.

    If you start with a clean house, it is easier to keep it clean. Get rid of unused furniture or clothing and clear out storage areas. Keep the Christmas tree box and extra ornaments put away in the attic or closet, and use containers, caddies and storage boxes to organize the things you’ll need for the holidays, including gift wrap accessories and cleaning supplies.