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  • Make Your Springfield, IL Home Guest-Ready With These Cleaning Tips

    November 5, 2018 | Blog
  • Springfield, IL Cleaning Tips to Make Your Guests Feel Right at Home!


    Having guests over is a fun activity, but it also comes with the stress of cleaning your home and getting it tidy. If you’re planning on hosting a party or other event at your Springfield, IL home, try these cleaning tips to make it sparkle.

    Pay Particular Attention To the Bathrooms

    bathroom cleaning in Springfield ILIt can be easy to forget about small streaks on the mirror or a couple of stray hairs in the tub, but the cleanliness of your bathroom is something that guests are sure to notice. Most guests will use it at some point during the night, and they will be alone without any conversation to distract them. Give your bathrooms a deep cleaning before guests come over.

    Vacuum and Mop the Floors

    Floors are another area to pay attention to, because dirty floors can drag down the entire look of your house. Pay particular attention to the kitchen floor, since guests may be able to feel sticky spills or crumbs that were dropped while you were cooking.

    Cleaning Up Clutter

    It’s easy to forget about a few pieces of mail sitting on a table in your foyer or some books and magazines scattered across your end tables, but they can make your home look disorganized. Gather up clutter and get it out of the main rooms. This can be a temporary relocation if you’re short on space.

    Make Sure Guest Areas are Spotless

    If you have overnight guests staying at your home, make sure your guest bedroom is clean as well. Overnight guests tend to be a little more casual so completely cleaning it out won’t be necessary, but make sure they have space in the closet and dresser to unpack their clothing, as well as some tabletop space for small items.

    Give the Exterior a Quick Cleaning

    cleaning tips sweeping porch in Springfield IL

    When guests come to your house, the outside is the first thing they’ll notice. It’s also an area that rarely gets much attention. Spend a little bit of time sweeping out your entryway and removing any cobwebs or obvious dirt around your doorway. Cleaning the front windows can also create a bright, welcoming environment.

    Use a Bit of Air Freshener

    It’s easy to get used to the odors in your house to the point that you don’t notice them anymore, but guests will. This is particularly important for pet owners to remember. Even if you think there aren’t any odors in your Springfield, IL home, spraying a little bit of air freshener or lighting a scented candle can create a nice, welcoming aroma.

    As always, if you need a bit of help tidying up and cleaning your home, contact the pros at Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc.!